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Tribal Business Advocacy is a professional services firm specializing in assisting Native American Tribes and tribally owned economic development corporations. Tribal Business Advocacy is active in the following areas: new business development, project management, innovative

marketing solutions, short-term/long-term goal setting and strategic planning, as well as staff training focused on developing leadership opportunities for Tribal Members. Tribal Business Advocacy understands the cultural nuances of tribal government and the tribal corporate structure.

With over 15 years of Tribal Government and Tribal Corporate business experience, Tribal Business Advocacy offers a broad range of consulting, planning, project management, tourism development, mentoring and niche marketing services designed to help our clients maximize their business success.

Jennifer Turner/Tribal Business Advocacy has completed a variety of different unique planning and development projects that include, but are not limited to the following:

• CAT generation projects

• Sewer lagoon projects

• Helicopter Operation Terminals

• Master Plan development

• Water parks

• Gas stations

• RV parks

• Pharmacies

• Building construction

• Attractions/Zip Line development

TBA understands the importance to provide tribal members opportunities to receive detailed education and workplace mentorship that assists members with advanced opportunities within the tribe. Custom tailored programs to accelerate staff training and development are created to suit individual tribal members, the organization and business related goals and functions.

Tribal Business Advocacy has unique relationships with top marketing, advertising and research firms. These firms allow TBA to choose from a pool of skilled professionals that have vast knowledge and experience in marketing, advertising and new media platforms. Turner is known for creating state-of-the-art marketing campaigns, branding, PR launches, design, social media and digital enhancements all uniquely crafted and merged, to create massive marketing reach. Each program is tailored and designed to meet each client’s special needs.

Tribal Business Advocacy specializes in assistance of strategic planning. TBA provides a unique range of capabilities no matter how big or small the project is. TBA works with clients to create vision, identify goals, and develops plans of action for achieved success. It is our goal to train and empower our clients to succeed in their endeavors.

Adventure Tourism Reports $263 Billion Market in 2013.

The ATTA defines a trip as 'Adventure Travel' if it involves two of the following three elements:

• Connection with nature

• Interaction with culture

• A physical activity

Whether your individual tourism development involves eco, adventure, gaming, business, recreational enhancements or the need to increase visitation, The TBA team will learn and understand each client’s needs to enhance each customers spend within your organization.



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Tribal Business Advocacy is a consulting firm specializing in assisting Native American Tribes and tribally owned economic development corporations.

Tribal Business Advocacy assists in the creation and implementation of innovative marketing and advertising solutions, tribal tourism and new business development.

Tribal Business Advocacy facilitates interactive short and long term goal setting sessions, strategic planning, project management, staff training and development with an emphasis on increasing leadership opportunities for tribal members and other business related functions.

Jennifer R. Turner is a results driven and accomplished executive with over 15 years of tribal business expertise and over two decades of successful leadership and management experience in pharmacy development, hospitality, retail, tourism and innovative media platforms.

Making Your Dreams a Reality

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